Trinity Church, Early Georgian, Newport architecture, Richard Munday, 1725

Trinity Church in Newport, RI is a great example of a religious structure in the Early Georgian architectural style. Built by Richard Munday in 1725.

Early Georgian religious structures, exemplified by Trinity Church in Newport, RI, share these characteristics:

  • high steeple to emphasize the importance of religion in colonial life

  • pulpit centered on the main aisle

  • family dedicated pews

Trinity Church has a ship-like interior structure, which seems to have been a natural outgrowth of Richard Munday’s shipbuilding background. Trinity Church also expanded from 5 bays to 7 bays by adding to the middle of the structure.

Trinity Church, Early Georgian, Newport architecture, Richard Munday, 1725


The Colony House, Early Georgian, Newport architecture, Richard Munday, 1739

The Colony House is a civic example of Early Georgian architecture in Newport, RI. Built by Richard Munday in 1739.

Early Georgian architectural characteristics of the Colony House include:

  • brick exterior, as it was a very precious material at the time

  • large decorative porch and pediment for public announcements and ceremonies

  • arched-top dormers

  • gambrel sloped roof

  • decorative balustrade

The “Georgian period” was named after King George (I, II, & III). The structure of the building was ship-like, much as Trinity Church is, as builder and architect Richard Munday had a shipbuilding background. The Colony House served as a legislative capital for Rhode Island until the early 20th century. It was also featured as the court setting for Steven Speilberg’s movie, Amistad.


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