In the Spring 2019 issue of House & Garden, a special publication by The Block Island Times, Ross Sinclair Cann wrote an article titled “New Wine in Old Bottles.” This article discusses effective ways to renovate old structures to current standards while maintaining their traditional vernacular within their community’s architectural fabric. Detail is also given on creating new construction projects that compliment the architectural fabric rather than disrupting. This is a hugely important to preserve historic communities identities which are abundant in New England.

The article also touches on the newer technology of insulation, such as spray foam insulation which is used to create a fire resistant shell around the exterior of a house. Heating and cooling systems are also talked about, and how far this technology has advanced in the last 10 to 20 years. The last section of the article covers modern substitutes for wood in construction and redevelopment, “with regard to trim and decking composite material and cellular polypropylene…” as well as citing the fact that wood is susceptible to rotting and decaying over time.

The full article can be viewed electronically on The Block Island Times website.

House & Garden, The Block Island Times 2019

House & Garden, The Block Island Times 2019

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Ross Sinclair Cann, AIA is an author, historian, educator and practicing architect living and working in Newport for A4 Architecture. He holds architectural degrees from Yale, Cambridge, and Columbia Universities and is a member of a numerous committees, commissions, and boards.