Newport Casino Hope Fund Event During Covid 2020

All photos courtesy of Julie Skarratt Photography

The success of organizations is dependent upon the quality of the partnerships they make. The Hope Funds reached out to A4 Architecture to help with the design  of its website and its various events (since its founding in 2006). Similarly, to document its events, the Hope Funds reached out to a pre-eminent New York, photographer named Julie Skarratt in 2010.

Julie Skarratt  Then and Now

Julie Skarratt, a woman who first began her career in front of the camera as a model, achieved recognition as a ‘cover girl” for magazines in Australia. She realized that learning how to use a camera might be a longer term professional experience than modeling. Julie eventually found her way to Town & Country as a photographer for the magazine’s social events pages and is now the Photographer At Large for Quest Magazine.

Ms. Skarratt’s mantra is, “I discovered that smile and the world smiles back”, and that has been the secret to her success. Not only does Julie do an exceptional job capturing the people at their best by capturing them when they are relaxed and having fun, but she also does a wonderful job at capturing the settings that make each event special and unique. At this point, Julie has photographed more than two dozen events for the Hope funds, including 5 in the past year alone.

Over time, the Hope funds realized that Julie Skarratt believed in and communicated excellence, which is its primary goal. Similarly over time, Julie Skarratt came to know and believe in the Hope Funds and wanted to tell the organization’s story.

Although Ms. Skarratt still travels the world taking photos of weddings, parties, and other assignments, she tries to put the Hope Funds events on her calendar so that she can continue to tell their history through her photographs and be part of their growth and success in bringing research to the challenge of understanding, diagnosing and eventually curing cancer.

Choose your partners well, like Hope Funds, A4 Architecture & Julie Skarratt photography have done.


Ross Cann, RA, AIA, LEED AP, is an author, historian, teacher and practicing architect living and working in Newport, RI. He holds degrees in Architecture and Architectural History from Yale, Cambridge, and Columbia Universities. His wife, Leah Rush Cann, is one of the founders of the Hope Funds for Cancer research and he has served on the marketing committee and provided design services pro bono since the organization’s founding in 2006.