At A4 Architecture + Planning, we are committed to creating high quality design that is carefully detailed and responsive to project requirements. We believe that every house, store, office and building comprises a portrait of the physical needs and aesthetic aspirations of that particular client.

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Residential Renovation

Ross Cann is fortunate to have been able to earn degrees in architectural history from Yale, Columbia and Cambridge Universities and he brings his understanding of small differences in architectural style and knowledge of proper proportion to each and every project.

Because of our broad architectural background, we are equally comfortable doing renovations to McKim, Mead and White homes, and designing modern commercial buildings.


Commercial Renovation

As architects we can help you envision what the final product will look like, and anticipate many of the complexities of implementation to help save time and money during construction. By producing a carefully detailed set of drawings, we enable our clients to get accurate, competitive estimates rather than back-of-the-envelope guesses from contractors. Many clients are concerned with how much quality architectural service will cost them. A better question is how much money and aggravation good architectural services will save them.


Urban Planning

We are committed to providing responsive service, and work carefully to give each client honest advice and good guidance throughout the building process. No process of construction is more difficult or expensive than one that has not been carefully planned from beginning to end.

We often get clients who have had previous building experience. We are pleased when they say that we have helped make the process infinitely more enjoyable and less expensive than their past projects. If you are interested in doing a high quality project while achieving maximum value for your expenditure, we would like to be of help to you.