Newport Spring

In 1639, looking for a new place to form a new community, a small group of colonial settlers found what they were looking for: a deep water harbor with a fresh water spring nearby. The colonial charter readers:  “It is agreed and ordered that the Plantation now begun at this South west end of the island, shall be called Newport… and that the Towne shall be built upon both sides of the spring, and by the seaside Southward”  And so it is clear that the spring and its location was central to the formation of the new settlement. Where is the location of this precious spring, the thing that made the founding of Newport 375 years ago possible and desirable? Amazingly, for most of the last century or so the spring has been buried under the site of a gas station. That the gas station was on Spring Street, from whence the name of this early road came, is much less surprising. More