The Newport Arboretum: “Seeing – and Saving – Newport’s Great Trees”

Newport is not only known for its concentration of great and important architecture.  It is also a centery for landscape design and treasure trove of rare and exotic trees.  this is not surprising as the city has lways been a port city connected to distant lands by lines of commerce and trading.  Plants were brought from the corners of the globe and planted here in Newport as early as the Colonial Period.  This tradition continued and even accelerated during the Gilded Age when the great mansions were being built in Newport as summer cottages from the American elite.  Surrounding these enourmous houses, great landscaping plans were implemented and beautiful and unusual specimen trees were planted to help decorate thse lavish properties.  The importance of trees to these gracious estates was often reflected in the names that they took: Beechwood, The Elms, Oakwood and Linden Gate are but a few of the many Newport houses that were names for the trees that populated the grounds on which they stood. More